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Vision & Mission


The purpose of Good Yogurt is to sensitize each of our guests to an intake of healthy and natural foods away from chemical additives, which contributes to the growth of a healthy society away from degenerative diseases caused by the massive consumption of inorganic foods.


We strive to expand and multiply ourselves to take our product beyond our borders without losing the essence and natural focus of our products and maintaining the original quality of it.

Code of Ethics

Maintain a spirit of loyalty, humility and understanding for all that are members of the Good Yogurt family and even with those who are not.

Motto: Do not leave your success in another person’s hands

Long Term Vision

The long-term vision is placed on the entire national territory of Trinidad and Tobago and all the Caribbean islands.

Potential Customers

As a food sales company, our focus is to see to any customer that requires our product for subsequent resale.

Long Term Goal

To achieve the placement of Good Yogurt and Good Products in Supermarkets to achieve a high sale per month and maintain and increase the level of production

Nolan G Jones

Founder Good Enterprises Ltd / Good Products


Irene Ramirez

CEO - Good Products

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